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Business I.T. Services

Having a partner you can trust with the correct technological skill set is important in today’s technological driven world. You rely on your I.T. and hardware to handle a multitude of your business functions. Having TechBit Solutions LLC on your side means you can worry about what matters to you, your business.

TechBit Solutions LLC offers you a comprehensive and affordable I.T. solution. We have a full team of computer and network experts with the skills and experience you need to handle all the challenges you face. Stop worrying about your computers and your data security, we offer:

  • Computer Support in and around El Paso (Most Southwest Areas Included!)
  • Hardware Installation and maintenance
  • Software Training and Installation
  • Help Desk
  • 1 Hour Response Times
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Windows Support
  • Hardware Analysis and Recommendations
  • Flat Rate For All Your Computer Jobs

Benefits of using TechBit Solutions LLC

TechBit Solutions LLC has the added advantage of having employees with diverse backgrounds. Our experience in the computer support and computer hardware fields ensure that there will be little to no learning curves. Many businesses have hired their own in-house I.T. person and history has shown this to be fatal. Having an in-house computer guy means you have access to limited resources, limited expertise and it means dealing with sickness, vacations, family issues and holidays. For less than the price of one (1) computer guy you can hire a whole I.T. Company that can provide 24/7/365 I.T. coverage. Not to mention a diverse knowledgebase of computer technicians that live to serve you.

Free Assessment

Have you tired of looking for your next “Computer Guy” on craigslist? Or perhaps you got burned and some of your equipment never made it back to your office? These are all stories that we hear from new clients on a day to day basis. Call Us today and receive a free assessment and analysis of your computers, your network, your servers, your surveillance cameras, your printers and everything else that may be broken. Will let you know what needs to be fixed now and what can wait. Everything will be explained in a detailed “non-geeky” way and provided to you in writing. If you decide to hire us we take things one step further and perform a complete inventory of all your equipment. This has several benefits as it allows us to understand entirely what we are working with. It allows us to make recommendations on what needs to be replaced and what can last you another couple of years. It’s also great for your taxes! Don’t wait until things break down and you have a computer emergency on your hands Call Us now, while you still have time…