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Cloud Backup Service

TechBit Solutions offer a unique and affordable Cloud Backup Service for your business. Our I.T. Cloud Backup service is a “On Demand” backup that happens automatically every time a file is modified. The end user has to do absolutely nothing for this to happen. A file can be anything, such as a PDF document, Word Document, Excel Document, pictures, Quickbooks Database, Peachtree/Sage database, design/CAD drawings etc.. all the files get backed up all the time!

Cloud Backup

Imagine, no more external hard drives to buy, no more tapes to change out. No more worrying about performing incremental and differential and full backups. Be done with all that garbage and let us simplify your backups! No more worrying about taking the backups home so they could be “stored off site”. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the backups getting lost or stolen and somebody ends up with all your company information.

Let TechBit Solutions backup all your servers and all your workstations at no additional monthly cost!

Another innovative feature is called File Versioning. What this means is that anytime you modify that document,drawing database etc.. on your computer a new one is created in the cloud. So while you may have just one file on your computer, we will have several versions of your file in the cloud.

Imagine, accidentally modifying a Quickbooks file in error (overpayment, mass deposits etc..), instead of trying to figure out and repair the error, we can simply provide you with the last version of your database (before the change). This will save you hundreds of hours in lost time!

Worried about disk space? Are our competitors trying to sell you Cloud Storage at 50 cents a gig? Enough with that non-sense!! We offer all the features above AND unlimited storage for one low monthly price! This will allow you to accurately budget for your Cloud Backup’s and not have to worry about somebody accidentally backing up a video and getting hit with thousands of dollars in storage fees. Our’s are unlimited! Backup up all your videos, photographs, files etc.. without worrying about any extra costs! It’s all included!

Worried about deleted files? No need to worry! With our Cloud Backup Solution you can rest assured that all your data is safe, secure and most importantly, retrievable. All deleted files are kept in the Cloud for a full 30 days. So even if you find out a month later that a file got accidentally (or maliciously) deleted we can still retrieve it, best of all there are no hidden or extra fees. One low monthly price is all you pay.

Cloud Backup

Worried about ransom-ware virus? No need to worry! When your files get encrypted by a virus, the encrypted versions will also go to the cloud (as this is also considered a file change, they get backed up). All we do is retrieve all the files BEFORE the encryption. VOILA!! Your operational in a few hours versus a few weeks!

Worried about backups that don’t work? This happens all too often. You pay someone for incremental and differential and full backups thinking that all is well and your beyond covered when disaster strikes. But then, the worse happens, you get hit with a virus or there’s an equipment failure, (like failed hard drives) and guess what…nobody ever thought of testing the backups!! The backups fail and your stuck re-creating all the data! Think of the loss productivity, loss in payroll, and how this could effectively shut down your business. OUCH!!

With our Cloud Backup System your backups are fully monitored. Still not enough? We test all of our backups daily. Still not enough? Try it for yourself. Delete a file on your computer, ask us to email you the deleted file. This whole process takes about 2 minutes. You will absolutely love our cloud backup solution!

As part of this service we also throw in backup’s for all your users, this is unlimited too and does not cost extra. We will create a folder on every users computer where all they have to do is place anything important in that folder. They can create new folders, save all their pictures, business documents, sales sheets etc… in their very own folder, at no extra cost.

Best of all this service is absolutely safe, secure and HIPAA compliant following the latest ISO 27001 and ISO 27018, SOC 3 and CSA STAR. This is important for those in the Healthcare industry who would love to a have a secure off-site backup and still be compliant. Now, all healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance industries can work smarter by partnering with TechBit Solutions.

Worried about the cost? Not to worry, our cloud backup service includes everything mentioned above for one low monthly price. Depending on your infrastructure a minimal one time setup fee may apply.

Best of all there is no contract! You can cancel anytime and the data is always yours. Call us today! Contact Us