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Telephone Service

Our telephone service provides all the features that small & mid sized businesses want and use without all the upfront capital costs and equipment. Our phone service is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (V.O.I.P.) and is unique as it is a cloud based system. Imagine unplugging your phone from your office and plugging it in to your homes internet (or your hotels internet for that matter!) Once plugged in to the internet you’ll have the same functionalities as in your office, such as:

Telephone Service

  • Making Outbound Calls
  • Answer Inbound or Group Calls
  • Monitor who is on the phone, right from your handset
  • 3 Digit Dialing to All Office Extensions
  • Transfer Calls
  • Intercom Office Employees
  • Parking Call
  • Call Reporting
  • Recording Call
  • Take your Extensoin with you (using cell phone app)

With our phone system, our customers can work remotely and still be part of the office phone system.

Call Recording

No matter what business your in, effective and reliable call recording software can benefit your organization in several ways. You can use recorded calls to:

  • Leverage recorded calls as valuable training aids
  • Increase Productivity (when both parties know that calls are recorded both
  • parties stay focused on the business transaction)
  • Reduce Personal Calls (Employees don’t want their personal calls recorded,
  • so they won’t use company equipment to make them!)
  • Track, Document and Prosecute Egregious Phone System Misuse (i.e., Fraud and Theft)

The best thing about our Cloud Recording Service is that it is always on. Best of all calls can be retrieved and played back on any computer and standard reports can be easily optimized and customized to your needs

Call Tracking

Since our phone system is cloud based we can literally pull several reports. For example:

  • Find when you receive the most calls.
  • See who answers the phone the most
  • Check out who makes the most calls
  • Who never answers the phone
  • Look out when your “slow period” is
  • Which calls were Never Answered
  • Find out which calls were Dropped

All this information can prove invaluable for your Clinic, Law Firm, Child Care, Non-Profit etc.. With our information you will know if you need to appropriate more staff (or reduce it). You will also know if your receptionist simply cannot handle 20 calls at a time. Or how about knowing that out of the 4 phone receptionist, only 2 answer the phone? This and many more inquires can be at your fingertips, day or night. Contact Us today.

Phone Service

Many companies may already have a phone Links a system, or they may be locked into a 40 year contract. Do not despair, we can still help. Our VOIP phone service can work with ANY telephone system. You will still retain all of your phone system functionality and we will provide the telephone service. Typically we can beat most phone service providers (ATT, Southwestern Bell etc..) in dollar cost and service, simply provide us with a telephone bill and we will provide you with an apples to apples comparison.

Need flat rate pricing? We can help! Our phone service can provide basic phone lines used for fax lines, alarm monitoring and fire monitoring . We’ve installed these systems nationally at many hotels, apartment complexes and multi-tenant buildings.

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